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Welcome to our service and support page for the Phantom Flex4K digital high-speed camera.

This is where you will find all of the documents, firmware, and software for the Flex4K camera.

We have categorized the material by type so you can easily and quickly find the information you are looking for. If you require additional information please contact support.

Phantom Flex4k

PCC Version 3.3.781.0

Phantom Flex4K

The most recent firmware (pfhw) version is 114

Please follow the procedure below to upgrade the firmware in your device. The firmware package will include the firmware, upgrade instructions and release notes. If you have a Cinestation IV, you must upgrade the firmware in the Cinestation IV as well. The firmware for the Cinestation IV is located on the Cinestation IV product page.

1. You will need to download and install the latest version of PCC in order to perform this upgrade. Attempting to use an older version of PCC software may cause the firmware upgrade to fail, requiring the camera to be returned to Vision Research for service. 

2. Download the firmware and save the file in a convenient location on your PC.

3. Follow the update instructions included in the downloaded ZIP archive

Please note: While this firmware and the upgrade procedure has been thoroughly tested, upgrading firmware in a camera might render the camera inoperable, requiring return to Vision Research. Do not undergo this procedure if you require use of your camera in the next few weeks.

For alternate upgrade options, please contact Vision Research Technical Support by phone at 973-692-4003 or via email to arrange for a firmware upgrade.

Phantom Flex4K HD Pictures

Vision Research's Phantom Flex4K Digital High-Speed Camera

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Phantom Flex4k with Lens and Riser

Phantom Flex4K with Accessories

Phantom Flex4K with CineMag

Phantom Flex4K Left Main


Label the photo as "Vision Research's Phantom Flex4K digital high-speed video camera."